Afsaneh Marandi

Online Classical Piano Lessons Palo Alto

I provide piano lessons to all ages of students (starting from 6 years old) and all levels; beginner to advanced. 

Our piano lessons are one-on-one, either at your home, or at my studio, or at Grace Lutheran School in San Mateo. 

The methods I use in my piano classes are mostly based on European conservatory system, which means students learn how to read music from the very beginning. I focus on the academic  aspects of music and help student develop a strong ear for music while I emphasize on a correct technique and posture which altogether allow the student become more independent as a musician at earlier stages. This way students can learn any music and song they want effortlessly. 

During the global pandemic, our lessons have all moved to online platforms (Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc..). The results have been quite outstanding and therefore I am open to accept students online for as long as it takes.