Afsaneh Marandi

About Afsaneh


I started learning piano when I was 13 years old. Having grown up around music, the passion I have for piano is in my blood. I hold a certificate in piano and have since taken intensive professional training in counterpoint, orchestration, harmony and the theory of music. I’ve been teaching for over twenty years. I love sharing my enthusiasm with those around me and spreading the love of music.

Working with me, students learn proper body posture for playing the piano, effective and fun techniques for sight-reading and much more. They learn to enjoy playing music and have fun!

I had my first piano lesson when I turned 13. After successful completion of two years of studying piano formally, I went on to refine my piano skills under the supervision of famous musicians and composers. My passion for music led to intensive professional training in counterpoint, orchestration, harmony and the theory of music. I have experience as a vocalist in choir.

I have continued to develop these vocal skills, taking relevant courses at Skyline College, CSM College and San Mateo College.

Afsaneh Marandi is Instructor in Persian Culture Club (nonprofit organization)

piano teacher, vocalist, harmony / theory teacher, composer



Afsaneh was my piano teacher when I was 17-18. (I am 40 now). She was the most popular teacher in the city. She taught over 100 students every week. Everyone loved her and would be on waiting list to be able to take lessons from her. No piano teacher could compete with her. Afsaneh has a lot of passion for teaching. She is extremely kind yet disciplined. Her students progressed very fast! I totally recommend Afsaneh with no hesitation.
17 January 2019
Afsaneh is very patient, loving and knowledgeable. She inspires my children to play their best! I love her voice, too!
Aug 11, 2018
My son Jamal loves Afsaneh and her way of teaching piano
August 10, 2018
My 8yrs old son loves to go to piano. Afsaneh is very patient and super nice. He has been taking lessons for a few months only but he has learned a lot, he is always excited, very motivated to practice at home and loves to learn with Afsaneh. Highly recommended.
Aug 7, 2018
Wendy S.